Sunday, August 28, 2011

I need some Blogger 101 HELP

Hey fellow bloggers our there. I am trying to add Google Analytics to my blog and I am failing. BIG TIME. HTML and I do NOT get along. If anyone is willing to help me and really break it down, even more than this guy, I'd be super appreciative.

Thanks peeps!


Rywn said...

What part are you getting stuck on?

Lacey said...

Rywn, hello and thank you for responding to my plea. lol. I have the code but I am having major issues adding it into my template. I selected Edit HTML and added where the guy said to but so far it hasn't worked. I'm feeling pretty lame.

Jenny said...

Have you tried it again since? Google was acting really jacked up for me around the time you posted this. Make sure you copy the entire code, then paste it on its own line just above the /body tag and save the template. It might take a minute for analytics to detect the code once it's saved into the HTML, but it should start working pretty quickly.

Lacey said...

Hey Jenny. I really appreciate you responding. I finally figured it out. YAY, I have UNIQUE VISITS, lol.

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