Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2: If you could trade places with a character from a book or movie who would it be and why?

      What a fabulous thought... I believe that I would choose Ms. Poppy Hathaway from Lisa Kleypas's Hathaways Series. This girl has spunk, charm and such determination to be her own woman. My inner lady (Victorian Era Lady that is) is so down with the romanticized gentlemen and still dream of coming out parties, and ball gowns ,and let's not forget the thought of an unspeakable interlude one might find themselves in at a ton-hosted ball. Oh, yes, I do say that switching places with young Poppy Hathaway would be most thrilling. 

If you haven't read the Hathaway series by the lovely Lisa Kleypas I suggest that you do if you enjoy historical fictional, romance novels set in Victorian England.


Jolene said...

Linked! You may be surprised by mine. :-) Or not after our conversation the other day.

Jennie said...

My friend loves this series. I haven't checked it out. To be honest, I didn't like much the first and only Lisa Kleypas book that I read, which was Sugar Daddy (a contemporary book). I should try her historical ones though. This sounds like a really good series. :)

Lex said...

I think you and I have a daring desire to live in another era my friend!

Lacey said...

Oh Jennie this series and her Wallflower series will not disappoint. Where are you going this month?
I'm not much into contemporary romance, meh, I like it historical and total swoon worthy

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