Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1: Picture of yourself and 10 facts/statements

1.          I have more books than I know what to do with or space for that matter.
2.          I can quote all three original Star Wars movies.
3.          I have really small feet, size 6
4.          I love feeding people
5.          I ‘d eat a burrito everyday if I could
6.         I own a bedazzled light-saber.
7.         This blog was supposed to only be a weekly thing.
8.        My favorite kind of sock are knee-high argyles.
9.        There isn’t enough glitter in this world (is that really a fact?) lol
10        I love JWS

This picture was taken last year at Comic Con :) I just realized I forgot to add my picture and I am now at work so this picture will have to do (Comic Con two years ago)

I guess facts/statements work just as well. Hope to see some post from y’all out there. 
If you have any suggestions for the prompts I am more than happy to change a few up.
Happy Friday Everyone! Be safe this holiday weekend J



Jolene said...


Jennie said...

I have the same problem with books. The bedazzled lightsaber sounds awesome! I wish I had one. Hahaha

Morgan said...

This is going to be a fun challenge! I forgot I already had a "normal" blog in addition to my Lakers blog (didn't want to post things on there hehe). Your list is great; I have way too many books but at least you read yours hehe.... and I would love to have a lightsaber, awesome!

OrionsChef said...

OrionsChef said...

um i tried to put a comment and my link and failed! I love your list! A bedazzled light saber, how have I never seen this! Well I hope my list lives up to your! :)~

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