Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 3: Happiest Memory As A Child

Sorry everyone, I decided to sleep in today. :)
My happiest moment as a child. . .  I'm not entirely sure I can pick one but I think one of my best memories include me singing and dancing.
After my mom would be put me to bed I'd wait 10 minutes or so then turn on my tape players of Gloria Estefan's Greatest Hits and dance in my room with the lights off imagining I was in front of a huge audience. I also used to create routines to Ace of Base and make everyone sit down and watch me.
Random thought, I loved the ribbon dancer.

Happy Sunday! It's going to be beautiful day!


Jolene said...

Love it! Happy 3rd of July!

Lex said...

We used to dance around to that Gloria Estefan album while doing the choirs in the house. And I still rock out to Ace of Base. We seriously are soooo soulmates, it's not even funny. haha.

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