Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Due to School and an unforseen Migraine

I am feeling so ashamed at my neglect of this blog. These past days I have been so busy. My final portfolio is due tonight and that means FREEDOM, no more English class for Lacey this summer. Of course I am still enrolled in Geography but it's not as demanding as my English class.

This past weekend I was plagued with a most heinous migraine (it's lasted 4 days), but I am better. So, I promise to be back up running if not by this Friday that early to mid-next week (my geo midterm is due by Mon the 18th and it covers 8 chapters, EEK)

I am taking a vacation starting a week from tomorrow (Thurs 21) Josh and I will be house sitting in the beautiful and picturesque Redondo Beach for a few days. During this time of leisure I shall be updating this blog with more book-y related challenges and, yes! Reviews.




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