Thursday, June 30, 2011

The 31 Day Prompts

If you are on Facebook, you may have noticed that some people are taking part in the “30 Day Challenge.”   Every day during July, I’ll post a prompt and answer it either with a photo, a story, both OR if I am feeling extra sassy, a video.  I’ll also add a linky, so we can all get to know each other better.  
A Photo Ofor
Tell Us About
or both..
1.     A photo of yourself with 10 facts.
2.     If you could trade places with a character from a book or movie who would it be and why?
3.     Happiest memory as a child.
4.     The person (or people) that make your world go around.
5.     Your favorite show.
6.     An experience that made you who you are today.
7.     Something you use every day.
8.     Which dystopian world would you live (if you've read any of the YA dystopian books)?
9.     Your most treasured item. 
10. If you could choose to transform one book into a movie or miniseries which would it be?
11. A photo that makes you laughs.
12. What is your dream job (and money isn’t important?)
13. Which book/series is your favorite? 
14. One thing you want to do before you die.
15. Something that bugs you.
16. Your least favorite love triangle from any YA book.
17. If you could sit down with one author who would it be?
18. Something you are afraid of.
19. A skill you’d like to learn.
20. Your biggest insecurity.
21. Something you love about yourself.
22. Your favorite holiday.
23. How you came up with the name of your blog.
24. In your life movie which famous actor would play you?
25. Something you are looking forward to.
26. The best gift you’ve ever received.
27. Your favorite meals or recipes.
28. If someone gave you $1,000 to spend on YOURSELF, what would you buy?
29. Your dream vacation.
30. Your spouse or significant other.
31. Free day.  Whatever you like!

Remember, there are NO rules.  You can participate one day or every day.  You can simply put up a photo or you can write up a long post.  Just have fun with it.


Jolene said...

No rules?! No comprende. lol Ok, Ok I think I can manage. :-) Getting ready for tomorrow's post!

Lacey said...

No rules. You got it, guurl. Yay.

Morgan said...

oooh this sounds so fun! do we leave our answers in the comments each day?

Lacey said...

Hey Morgan :) Welcome to my bloggy world. If you'd like you can make a post on your blog then take that link and come back here and put it in the Mister Linky at the top of the page, Lol. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it below the actual post. I hope you can play!

Lex said...

I'm sooooo in!

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