Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camille's Baby Shower

My dear, dear, friend Camille and I have been besties for almost, what 7/8 years!? Gasp!

      Our initial meeting we both we're trying to determine how we knew one another. After seeing The Lion King on IMAX we finally saw the light,  we were connected because of two things- 1. Timeless Treasure (scrap booking haven in OC) 2. Cat Purse Grandma. My grandma shopped at the store that Camille was employed and Betty definitely knew how to make friends wherever she traveled. I believe the exclamation from Camille was, "oh, your grandma is the one with the tapestry cat purse!" We were basically attached at the hip from then on.
Our adventures ranged from 6am swim class that included; goggles, swim cap, fins and speedo swim attire... midnight photos shoots at Christopher Park, Halloween as Spider Man and Robin (these were little boys costumes)  This collage is the best I can do for evidence of this priceless piece of history since all those photos are still on my old hard drive. But I do believe you are able to capture the essence our super-hero themed Halloween.

     We spent at least one summer at Disneyland since we splurged and purchased passes. I could write a book of all the shenanigans we got ourselves into on a daily bases. I only have the most fond and cherished memories of my dear friend and I am more than ecstatic to be apart of 
the next chapter of her life with her new family, Garry and Ms. Little-Perfect Char.

I had the honor of co-hosting her baby shower last month for her first precious baby, Charlotte Audrey Facer. I LOVE and I mean LOVE party planning. I have never been able to stick to a budget and this occasion was no exception. Below are some of the pictures from the event. Nancy, Camille's mom prepared an array of the most delectable dishes. My most favorite treat was the Pineapple-Ham Quesadillas, you might not think that these babies are compatible together but let me tell you, they are the new peanut-butter and jelly!
As for the decorations I had some help from some other crafty bloggers.

The lovely tulle balls that topped off the patio like sprinkles on a sweet and fluffy cupcake are so easy to assemble, just ask my boyfriend. He dutifully stepped up and made a majority of the balls while I worked on my other projects. To make larger ones that MomDot made, you just need to cut out larger circles and it will obviously need more tulle. I didn't quite like her rule with the ribbon in between the two pieces so I didn't follow it and just tied a separate piece of tulle between the two sheets of cardboard before pulling the puff out. 

Next is the Pixies/PinWheel Wands. I found this idea from a very crafty blogger. I only changed out the pixie stick with wooden dowels that you can find at any craft store.

These babies (plenty of left overs after the shower) now decorate my room like happy paper flowers. You can definitely let you creativity take over when making these. You can use two different patterned papers and the embellishments options are endless. Just  
have fun. :)

Hearts for now,



Jennie said...

Aww! What a nice story about your friend. And you are so creative!! The decorations look gorgeous! :)

I wish I was that creative. I sort of fail at that. Hahaha

Camille & Garry said...

Love you

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