Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I am so blessed to have a dad who is dedicated, hard-working, honest, dependable, hilarious and the most loving man I've ever met. (Don't worry mom, you are just as awesome and I am just as much Dad's daughter as I am yours :)

Like so many other families, my parents divorced when I was a wee-little-one. But unlike most dysfunctional normal families, mine still gathers for dinners, celebrations and sometimes just to say "HI!"

Whenever I ask Dad what he would like for Christmas, bday or Father's Day, he'd first say, "Nothing, save your money." But then after some coaxing he'd share some ites that he saw in Cebela's hunting maganize but let's be honest, I'm not very fond of gutting knives let alone buying it myself as a gift, lol. This year he asked for John Wayne movies. Awesome. I can totally get down with The Duke. I remember getting out of weekend chores If I would sit down and watch one his favorite movies, ie, The Cowboys or some other film he considered to be a classic.

I love my Daddy. I will never be able to thank him for all of his guidance, love, and continued support. 
And I can't forget to mention he took me to see Nsync, not once, but TWICE. :)

Happy Father's Day!

"The pumpkin doesn't roll far from the patch." LAW


Camille & Garry said...

Love WOW! I can't wait to read all of the wonderings of your mind on this blog! love you Lace!

Jennie said...

Aww, what a nice post! You've got a very caring father & family. That's so nice to hear.

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