Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Review: Dangerously Placed

Book: Dangerously Placed
Author: Nansi Kunze
Publisher: Random House Australia
Genre: Young Adult/Thriller/Mystery

Dangerously Placed is fast paced and thrilling adventure in the world of virtual reality. Meet Alex, a virtual reality savvy chick who is determined and motivated to do well at her new internship at a prestigious Simulcorp.
Dangerously Placed features a young girl who ends up being the prime suspect in the murder of her boss. Of course, Alex, will not take this sitting down. She and her friends are determined to unravel the mysteries of Simulcorp and discover who is behind the murder. This book has solid writing and a cast of fabulously unique characters. I definitely was left guessing at some of the plot twist and turns. If you enjoy thrillers, engaging characters and swoon worthy boys, you will not be disappointed in Dangerously Placed.  


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