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Dangerously Placed Blog Tour: Guest Interview

Nansi Kunze, author of the virtual reality book, Dangerously Placed, was kind enough to stop by and participate in a Character Interview. The interview is with Alex, the main character in her unique and engaging story, Dangerously Placed.

To find out more about Nansi Kunze, please visit her website and blog. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Dangerously Placed Blog Tour

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Hi Alex. I am so excited to be sitting down with you today.

Thanks! I’m kind of nervous, actually – I’ve never been interviewed before!

Let’s just dive into shall we? What is your most favorite aspect about virtual reality, and do you think that maybe in the not so distant future our world will be dominated with simulated living, ie school, dating, travel?

Well, what I really love about virtual reality is the way it doesn’t have to be anything
like real life. I mean, you can make your environment exactly the way you want
it. You could be living somewhere cold and overcrowded and still have your own
private beach to hang out at. Your parents could have allergies, but you could still
have as many pets as you liked – heck, you could even keep dragons if you wanted
I do think virtual living’s going to get bigger and bigger, not just because it’s fun, but
also because it’s such a great way to be connected to people all around the world.
In the end, nothing beats talking to someone face to face. Systems like Virk make
that possible no matter where you are. I hadn’t really thought about school-based
virtual environments until you mentioned it, though. I think it’s a brilliant idea – there’s
definitely stuff about school that would be better if it was virtual. Not having to smell
the boys’ toilets as you walk by them, for one thing.

Lol. I completely agree there are certain things about school I wouldn’t have minded missing, such as the bathrooms.
If you could go back in time to a specific period which would it be and why?

You know, I don’t think I’d want to go back too far – life was just too primitive in the
past! I wouldn’t mind going back to the 80s, though, when gaming was really starting
to take off. I mean, don’t you think it would be cool to work with those guys who
developed all the old-school handheld games – Donkey Kong and stuff? Of course,
I wouldn’t go back to the 80s if it meant I had to wear electric-blue eyeshadow and
shoulder pads. I don’t need Budi to tell me how very tragic that trend was.

Haha. Yes, shoulders pads. Simply ridiculous, but I can get down with some fun eye shadow.

What do you like about the three main guys in your life: Nix, Dale and Joel? And what don’t
you like about them?

Oh, man – where do I start? Well, I guess you’ve got to admire the way Nix is so
straight down the line. He always stands up for what he believes in, and he never
lies about anything. The problem is, that’s also his most annoying feature – it
wouldn’t hurt him to use a little tact once in a while! What I like about Dale is … well,
he’s very, uh … you know … Okay, I’ll admit it: he’s really easy on the eye! I’m not
so pleased that he’s such a good contender for Simulcorp’s intern position, though.
He may be hot, but I really want that job! As for Joel, he’s a great friend; he’s loyal,
kind and always ready to lend you his bodyboard. He’s no good if you’re looking for
intellectual conversation, of course, but that’s what we have Kiyoko for!

If the movie rights to your story were sold who would your dream cast be?

Let’s see … I think Ellen Wong from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World would do a great job
as Ki, with Dakota Fanning as Sky, Nicholas Hoult as Nix, Jamie Campbell Bower
as Joel and Zac Efron as Dale. I’d cast Diane Kruger as Inge, Hugh Jackman as Mr
Grody and Dev Patel as the CEO. I’ve got to admit, I don’t know many Indonesian
actors, but Indonesian TV star Baim Wong sure does look a lot like Budi! As for who
I’d like to play me … that’s a hard one. I kind of want to say Zooey Deschanel. She’s
much older, taller and prettier than me, but hey – you did say ‘dream cast’!

Swoon. Hugh Jackman has my vote. Zooey is absolutely adorable; I think she could play you very well. Alright, one more question, and let’s just be cheeky, if you were a super hero what would you want your powers to be?

Hm. Well, some of the things that have happened in my Virk room while I’ve been
on work experience have been a bit scary, so super-hearing would be helpful – that
way no one would be able to sneak up on me in realspace. And super-strength, so I
could defend myself if anyone attacked me. And super-vision might be good – then
I’d know if anyone was stalking me, and I’d be able to see what people were up to
a really long way off, like at the other end of the beach … Oh. On second thoughts,
maybe no super-vision. I’m not sure I want to see what’s going on at the other end of
Flinders Beach.

Flinders Beach. Good call; steer clear of those naked bodies. J

I really appreciate you taking time to talk to me today. I wish the best in your future endeavors, Alex.

Thank you, Nansi for stopping by. Don't forget to check out the other blogs on the tour. 


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