Friday, September 9, 2011

Early Review: Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Iron Knight (Book 4 in Iron Fey Series)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Format: NetGalley
Pages: 386
Publisher: Harlequin
Publisher Date: October 25, 2011
Genre: YA/Paranormal, Adventure, Romance

I was thrilled when I heard there was going to be a fourth book in the Iron Fey Series. I was even more thrilled when it was disclosed the final book would  show case the POV from the ever swoon-worthy ex-Prince of the Winter Court, Ash.
In Julie Kagawa’s fourth and final installment of the Iron Fey series we embark on a treacherous journey to the edges of the Neverever, to the banks and wilds of The River of Dreams and the end of it all at the very edge of the world, where the Testing Grounds lay.
This story isn’t just a physical test of strength and endurance. This is the ultimate test of character, trust and pain.  Iron Queen ended with Meghan becoming the Queen of the Iron Realm where are handsome Ash is unable to venture. Ash is determined to see his vow to always be there for Meghan to the limit, he is going to get a soul or die trying. Along with the ever determined and zesty Puck, Ash and he set out to find Grimalkin and along the way they pick up two very unsuspecting characters from Ash’s past that most definitely put things on edge for everyone involved in this adventure.
This journey really opens up Ash is a harsh and brutal manner.  We delve into his past transgressions and his past love. If you thought you saw a different side of Ash is Iron Queen, be prepared. The story of Ash is one of love, heart-ache and some incredibly tough choices. 
For those Team Puck fans out there, he really plays a pivotal role in this journey.  Not only is he the comic relief, we really get to see the more serious side of Puck. We witness some very tender and crucial moments between Ash and Puck. I wish Puck would get his own story to find true love. I think Julie did an awesome job of opening and expanding on these two charming and dynamic characters.
We can’t forget Grimalkin.  He of course pops in and out like magic either when things start to get dangerous or when someone needs to learn a lesson, lol. Julie also introduces two other companions into this mix. I can’t really go into really into any detail because it would ruin the surprises, but these two characters add much to the story.
The Iron Knight was a truly inspired and daring story of love and forgiveness. Julie really out did herself with the final book. I am sad that it is over but all I can say is, I do love happily ever afters and Julie didn’t disappoint.

Thank you Harlequin and Net Galley for allowing me to read and review this book early. Now I can’t wait for its release date because I have to own it otherwise my series will be lacking my favorite story of the bunch.


Rain Maiden said...

I real like the way this series is headed. I can't wait for this one.

Rywn said...

I loveeddddd The Iron Knight, even if I did usually want to punch one of the unmentionable characters in their face frequently... It's so awesome to get to see the world from Ash's perspective, and definitely puts a different spin on how you see Meghan. I love the process that Ash goes through to get a soul, and adore that my favoritest character (Grim), made plenty of appearances! It was a great chance to see Ash & Puck's friendship firsthand :)

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